Thursday, July 21, 2011

Petty Theft Defense Attorney Denver

Many people believe that since petty theft is a smaller crime they don’t need to hire a defense attorney.  Just because it has petty in the name does not mean that the criminal charges are insignificant though.  Without a defense attorney with experience dealing with petty theft charges, those “petty” charges still go on your permanent criminal record, and can and will be held against you when you look for employment, or in other future situations.  To increase your chances of avoiding conviction or at least to help mitigate the damage if you are convicted of petty theft, you’ll want a defense attorney who is highly qualified and with detailed knowledge of how the prosecution will proceed.  

V Iyer of Iyer Law Office in Denver acquired that detailed knowledge in his time working in the District Attorney’s office, and now is using that information to help defend people against prosecution.  You don’t want a petty theft charge to follow you your whole life, and the best way to prevent that is with quality representation.  With a strong defense lawyer behind your case, you have much better odds of not letting one small mistake have large and long term consequences for you.