Sunday, September 11, 2011

Embezzlement Defense Attorney Denver

Embezzlement charges are a scary thing to face, but with a defense attorney experienced in embezzlement and fraud, they can be a lot less frightening.  V. Iyer in Denver is experienced in such cases both from the defense side and from the side of the prosecution, due to his time in the DA’s office as a deputy district attorney prosecuting cases of all types. He has brought that knowledge to work now as an embezzlement defense attorney as well as defending people on all types of criminal charges, giving him a broad range of experience to bring to your defense.

“White collar” crimes such as embezzlement frequently carry serious consequences including prison time, so making sure you have a defense attorney who is exceptionally qualified to handle this type of case can be a great asset, making it much more likely to get a positive result in your case or at least to mitigate the sentencing if you are found guilty.    Iyer Law Office will look carefully and meticulously at every detail of your charges and use their knowledge of all of the relating laws in order to mount the best possible embezzlement defense any attorney can provide in the Denver area.