Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Denver

Many people believe it is not worth their while to hire a defense attorney for a misdemeanor charge, but just because it is not a felony charge does not mean there are not consequences an complications that can have serious effects on your life, consequences and complications that can be alleviated considerably by a qualified misdemeanor defense lawyer.  Even misdemeanor charges can wind up staying on your criminal record and interfering with your future in the form of job applications, college acceptance, and in case of future legal problems.  It is in your best interest to try to find a defense attorney who is experienced in a wide range of criminal cases including misdemeanors so that they will know any possible detail that could have an effect on your case and how to use that to help you. 

Iyer Law Office in Denver has that experience, and even more, V. Iyer has experience on the prosecution’s side as well, as he was deputy district attorney before turning to defense.  his gives him unique insight into how both sides of a case are likely to proceed, and increases your chances of a positive outcome if you go into your misdemeanor case with him as your defense attorney.