Monday, October 10, 2011

Felony Defense Denver

We all know that the justice system is complex and frightening to the average person, but when that person is charged with a serious offense it is even scarier.  A strong felony defense from a Denver lawyer who knows the law like the back of their hand is the best way to make that situation less frightening.    V. Iyer gained experience during  his time as assistant district attorney, getting practical knowledge about how the prosecution works, and now is using that understanding of the system to provide some of Denver’s best felony defense. 

Unlike a public defender, our team will take time to sit down and find out all of the details of your case  and then apply our extensive legal knowledge in order to build the strongest possible felony defense for your specific situation.  We have defended felony cases for many people, and have either cleared or lessened charges for many of them.   The quality of your felony defense is the number one influence on the outcome of your case, as a top notch lawyer can find every hole in the prosecution’s approach and use it to tear apart  the foundations of their case.  Call Iyer law Office for truly exceptional felony defense in Denver.