Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drug Charges Denver

The details of our drug related laws are complex, and if you are facing drug charges it is vital to find a lawyer who is well versed in every detail of how our system handles drug cases. In Denver, V. Iyer is one of the most experienced and well informed defense attorneys handling drug charges, with the added benefit of all that he learned while working for the prosecution.  
When you come to Iyer Law Office for help with your drug charges,  we will do everything in our power to be an effective advocate and advisor to you.  Listening to your side of things, researching the details of your case, looking at every possible angle of interpretation of the situation, all to build a defense against your drug charges and help you to avoid jail time and extensive fines.   

One of the particularly troubling things about dealing with these cases is that a drug charge on one’s record can affect not just your criminal record, but your eligibility for some sorts of college assistance, so it is essential to have as strong of a defense as possible in order to help prevent that sort of additional long term consequence as well as the legal ones.