Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breaking and Entering Defense Denver

Breaking and entering is forced entry into a residence or other enclosed property without authorization. Whether it is a burglary or not depends on the intent to commit a crime.  With no intent to commit a crime such as theft or vandalism, it is then usually charged as illegal trespassing.   This subtle and hard  to prove difference in intent is why it is so important to find an attorney well versed in breaking and entering defense cases.  
A first rate lawyer like V. Iyer can stop the prosecution from falsely proving intent that you did not hold at the time, keeping your charges smaller.   If your breaking and entering defense is powerful enough to result in a trespassing charge, your case will wind up being a misdemeanor, but if they succeed in convincing the court you had criminal intent, that burglary charge carries a felony record and all that implies for your future.
Iyer Law Office in Denver offers impressive defense for your breaking and entering case, helping clients all over the area to prove they had no criminal intent and avoid a felony conviction for a situation that really deserved a misdemeanor trespassing ticket.  Call us right away if you are charged with breaking and entering so we can start defending you as soon as possible.