Thursday, December 8, 2011

Embezzlement Defense Attorney Denver

Embezzlement is a very serious crime, and it is a charge that must meet certain specific definitions. An embezzlement defense attorney will tell you that embezzlement charges differ from larceny in a fairly subtle way, in that the offender must have not just custody but legal possession of the items or assets in question, which means that there has to have been some sort of conversion of ownership of the item, not merely having it in one’s possession, and it must not have been procured during an act of trespassing. In either case, having an experienced embezzlement defense attorney on your side is of a great help in picking apart these sorts of charges and V. Iyer of Iyer law Office in Denver is the man with that experience.

A defense attorney with embezzlement experience can help you to prove your innocence before the court, working with the system to defeat your charges.  And if you are not innocent, V. Iyer is still determined to build you the strongest embezzlement defense he can to ensure you get the fair trial that every defendant deserves, showing the court any and all mitigating circumstances that may lighten your sentence or get your charges dismissed altogether.