Friday, January 20, 2012

First Degree Murder Defense Denver

Of all the criminal charges one could possibly face, first degree murder has got to be the scariest.   Whether innocent or guilty,  the charges are terrifying, and you’ll need a lawyer experienced in first degree murder defense, not some public defender who barely has time to learn your name, let alone the details of your case.   
Whatever the specific situation you find yourself in, Iyer Law Office will take the time to get all of the information from you and any other sources that is relevant to your case and use it along with our knowledge of the law to construct a first degree murder defense that will stand up in court and present the truth of your situation to the system so you can get a fair trial.   
We have helped many Denver residents with their first degree murder defense cases, providing far more intensive and aggressive support and defense than you can expect from a public defender or simply a less experienced attorney.    Call Iyer Law Office right away if you or someone you care about needs defense in a first degree murder case, because the sooner we are on the case, the sooner you can have a strong defense in place.