Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reckless Driving Charge Denver

A reckless driving charge is a serious matter, usually a result of carelessness with regards to other people’s safety or property.   In some cases reckless driving charges can result in suspension or loss of license, hefty fines, and even jail time. An experienced lawyer like V. Iyer of Iyer Law office can help you defend yourself against a reckless driving charge in Denver or the surrounding area.   

We can take our extensive knowledge of both criminal and traffic law and work with your particular situation to build the best possible defense to increase your odds of walking away from your reckless driving charge with your license and your freedom. Going to court and fighting your reckless driving charge successfully takes a qualified lawyer, but it is well worth it not to have those charges on your criminal and driving record, especially when it comes to getting or keeping your auto insurance.     

In some cases a reckless driving charge is the result of mitigating circumstances while driving under the influence, such as when a person is below the legal limit but still impaired, in which case, the reckless driving charge would be preferable to a DUI charge, but in most other conditions, having a lawyer help you out of a reckless driving charge is worth it.