Sunday, April 22, 2012

Felony Theft Defense Attorney Denver

A felony theft charge is obviously serious business, and if you want to have any real chance to minimize the consequences, you need to get a good felony theft defense attorney. Iyer Law Office has experience handling serious felony cases of all sorts, from theft to violent crimes, and we are always prepared to help provide felony theft defense when you need it.  V. Iyer’s experience gives him insight to build effective defenses for all types of cases, because between his time as assistant DA and in his current private practice, he has had a chance to see every angle the prosecution may work for any given case.   

 When you need a felony theft defense attorney in Denver you should call our office right away, because the sooner we can get on the case and start finding out all of the details, the sooner we can start controlling the damage these charges may have on your life.  You do not want to put your freedom in the hands of an overworked public defender who has very limited time to work with your case, you want a dedicated professional felony theft defense attorney who will explore every avenue to protect your rights.