Monday, June 18, 2012

Criminal Defense Attorney Denver

In Denver, as any other good sized  city, the justice and criminal defense system is complicated and hectic, with court officials and especially public defenders over worked and harried. That’s why it is always better, whenever possible to get yourself a trustworthy criminal defense attorney from the private sector rather than accepting the court appointed public defender.   A public defender has a very limited time for each individual client’s case, and frequently can only give each client the bare minimum of representation.  

Whereas a criminal defense attorney like Denvers V. Iyer has the time to work closely with you, exploring all the pertinent information about your case and using it to build the defense you need.   Also, many of the lawyers performing public defense for the criminal court system in Denver are not very experienced, while V. Iyer has years of experience in both prosecution and criminal defense, which means he simply has more legal information and resources at hand than a less experienced criminal defense attorney.   It can sometimes take a while for you to even get appointed a public defender, but with our office, we are on your case right away, just as soon as you need