Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Denver Criminal Attorney

When you or someone in your life is facing any sort of criminal charges, the most important thing to do before anything else is to get in touch with a trusted Denver criminal attorney who can immediately start assessing the situation and developing a defense strategy for your specific situation. It can be tempting to take the offer of a public defender, but most of them are sorely overworked and have little time to give to each case, which results in rushed, impersonal defense. 

When you come to Iyer Law Office, our team of legal experts works directly with you, taking the time  to make sure we have a full picture of the case, and then puts together a carefully crafter defense plan that works with the details of the case to effectively protect your rights.   Whether it is a misdemeanor like shoplifting or traffic charges, or more serious situations like felonies, V. Iyer and his team are prepared to build a defense that will best increase your chances of being found innocent, or at least having the charges reduced. Call us right away if you or someone you know has been arrested, or contact us through our website