Thursday, March 14, 2013

Criminal Mischief Defense Attorney Littleton

When a person intentionally destroys someone else’s property, or when they disrupt a public utility they can be charged with criminal mischief.  The crime of criminal mischief can range from keying someone’s car to doing something that recklessly endangers another human life. Criminal mischief can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony.

Law abiding citizens can get caught up in the moment and do things they normally wouldn’t do.  If you have charged and are seeking a criminal mischief defense attorney in Littleton, call the Iyer Law Firm today. Unfortunately, even if you are ordinarily moral and responsible, it doesn’t mean that you can escape criminal charges. Fortunately there is hope.  

As a former prosecutor, attorney Iyer has insight to both sides of the courtroom.  His reputation was earned by providing clients with the highest standards of diligence, knowledge, and professional advice.  He steadfastly protects the constitutional rights of all his clients. Our main goal is to create a solid and trusting working relationship with each and every client.

Without the help of a highly skilled attorney, you could stand to lose your freedom and your reputation.  For your best chance at overcoming the charge against you call the Iyer Law Firm today when you need a criminal mischief attorney in Littleton. Let us give you the aggressive representation you need to win!