Friday, May 17, 2013

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Littleton

Domestic violence is distinguished from other assault crimes because of the relationship between the victim and the alleged perpetrator.  Domestic violence can be misused and is a situation that is no longer a private matter.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, the potential consequences include jail time, court costs, fines and more. When you are looking for a domestic violence defense attorney in Littleton, give the Iyer Law Firm a call today. Each individual client is treated with the personal attention this delicate situation requires.  

Domestic violence can have many varied elements and is a highly emotional topic.  Attorney Iyer will listen and treat you with personal attention and respect.  He has spent considerable time on both sides of the courtroom as a former prosecutor, successfully prosecuting thousands of cases, he will fight for your constitutional rights.  His experience has earned him a reputation as a trusted attorney for any domestic violence issue.

We use our experience with a wide range of domestic violence situations to help return common sense to the process. As a law firm, we strive to build long lasting, trusted relationships with all of our clients.  If you are in a domestic violence situation and are looking for a domestic violence defense attorney in Littleton, call the Iyer Law Firm today.