Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Attorney Colorado

When you need an attorney in Colorado, you want someone who will listen and put your interest first every time.  The Iyer Law Office is just such a place.  No matter if you have a felony charge, probation violation, juvenile case or other legal issue; we will do what’s best.

 If you are facing a criminal charge or under criminal investigation in Colorado you need an experienced t legal defense team on your side.  As a former prosecutor, Attorney Iyer has insight to both sides of the courtroom giving him unique knowledge for expert representation.  There is no case too big or too small.

We will assist you during all stages of your criminal case from bail bonds, bail reduction and the pre-arrest process.  We will also communicate with you in clear language you will understand so you will know what we are doing and why we do it.  We provide aggressive and knowledgeable defense.  Schedule your consultation today when you need an attorney in Colorado you can trust.