Sunday, November 30, 2014

Colorado Law Firm

If you are facing criminal charges or under investigation, you need an experienced legal defense team to defend your case. At the Iyer Law Office, we are a Colorado law firm with the knowledge to defend your rights.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Iyer has the unique experience of getting to work on both sides of the courtroom.  As a Colorado law firm we will assist you during all stages of your criminal case from bail bonds, bail reduction to the pre-arrest process.  

We specialize in criminal, juvenile, domestic violence, dependency and neglect, DUI and more. Our goal is to create a trusting and honest working relationship with our clients.  We will provide the defense strategy you need to win your case.

When you need a Colorado law firm with the knowledge and skill to fight for your defense, schedule your consultation today. We are in the business of winning.