Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Domestic Violence Charges Denver

If you have domestic violence charges in Denver or have been accused of domestic violence, you need a law firm with the experience to handle your defense. At the Iyer Law Office  we consider domestic violence one of our specialties.  If you have been arrested for domestic violence charges in Denver, call us today.

The law defines domestic violence as any type of abuse, threat or violent behavior that occurs against a person by someone with which they share an intimate relationship.  We are an experienced domestic violence law firm with the compassion and skill you need.

As a former prosecutor, he has spent considerable time on both sides of the courtroom.   Successfully prosecuting thousands of cases has earned him a reputation as a trusted domestic violence attorney for any domestic violence issue. You need a law firm well versed in this type of law.  Let  our experienced and expert legal team help you with your defense.