Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

If you are charged with date rape, you will need to act quickly to find a knowledgeable and experienced sex crimes defense attorney to defend you if you are charged with date rape. Please remember don't talk to anyone before you speak to an attorney. The Iyer Law Offices are ready to help.

A conviction of date rape can affect everything in your life, including jobs, housing, and relationships, and it won't go away on its own. It is best to respond quickly and as strongly as possible.

The Iyer Law Office team can help protect your rights and give you the aggressive criminal defense you need from an experienced sex crimes defense attorney. Don't hesitate. A sex crimes conviction will turn your life upside down.

So if you are charged with date rape, it is important that you contact sex crimes defense attorney Vee Iyer for legal advice right away. Iyer will look out for your interests and fight on your side.

Date Rape is a violent criminal act involving a sexual act committed against the will or desire of the victim. It is a serious felony crime and has very harsh penalties. Make sure you have a superior defense. Attorney Vee Iyer understands the complexity of sexual crimes cases because he was a prosecutor for many years. He uses his knowledge to defend clients with difficult criminal cases. 

Do not take it lightly. You will need an aggressive and competent defense. A charge of date rape can result in a conviction with penalties of imprisonment, fines, probation, registration as a sex offender, and court mandated counseling. 

If the facts of the case present evidence that lessens the initial charge, he will try to persuade the prosecution to reduce those charges or not even file them in the first place. Attorney Iyer will conduct a thorough investigation and try to find evidence that contradicts the prosecution's case or otherwise points to your innocence.

The Iyer Law Office also represents clients accused of the following sex crimes: prostitution, sexual assault on a child, pattern offenses, unlawful sexual conduct, child molestation and enticement, indecent exposure, and rape. 

By providing you with an honest assessment of your case, you will see the challenges ahead. You will know what defense options you have available, so you can make the best decisions for your case.

You will need a strong attorney to protect your rights and defend you against such an ugly charge. You need an experienced sex crimes defense attorney like Mr. Vee Iyer. Contact the Iyer Law Offices for a free discussion about your case.

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